Vehicle Servicing

We provide servicing for all makes and models of car and light commercial vehicle. The service encompasses everything from an oil change to an examination of your power steering and fan belt.


Part replacement

Worn out parts will be replaced as required during our inspection of your vehicle, which includes both internal and external components


Full or part service

Depending on your requirements and your budget, we offer differing levels of service, from an engine-only check, to a full examination. Check out what each one involves below.

Engine Servicing

  • diagnostic

    Engine diagnostics

  • engine

    Engine replacement

  • filter

    Oil & oil filter

  • air-filter

    Air filter

  • spark

    Spark plugs

  • timing belt

    Drive and timing belts


Full service

A Engine full service with Auto Care Carshalton includes Changing both the oil & oil filter and checking the gear box, shafts and the transmission of the vehicle.

We also carry out a full vehicle inspection and will replace any parts as required. 

Interim service

An Interim Service is also available which includes

Changing oil & oil filter, Checking gearbox, Transmission and the Shafts

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